It has long been clear to me that everyone not on the left of the current US political spectrum has a problem: Unlike that “left wing” we are not the Borg. We have not been assimilated into one mass of agreement led by a few people issuing Talking Points from on high. Part of who we are, WHY we are, is individuality. Our own and the defense of it where ever it may wish to grow. As such we don’t agree on much beyond the general outlines of any issue. As such we too often run splintered before the leftist uni-mind, then spout platitudes at them and amongst ourselves about how they can’t think for themselves and that’s a shame.

Well, all too often they can’t. Or at least won’t. And it is a shame. It’s also damn effective when trying to force an agenda forward.

We, the majority, need a response. We need a unified front. We need to understand that in the modern day we have moved well beyond the archetypes of “conservative” and “liberal”. None of the old labels really apply any longer and we don’t need to agree on them, let alone apply them to ourselves. We certainly don’t need to share a Party label. We really only need to understand that there is US and there is THEM. Them being the 30% or so of the population on what can accurately be described as the “left” side of every issue, and us being everyone else who simply aren’t. We may be conservatives or constitutionalists or libertarians or Minarchists or even Good Little Republicans. Some may even be that mythical media unicorn, a “moderate”. It doesn’t matter. We have the same common enemy and it isn’t each other.

The enemy is THEM. Their policies and agenda and taxation and intolerance and race-baiting and lies and manipulation and desire for mediocrity. We need to band together under one umbrella and fight just the major fronts instead of THEM and each other. Like all good allies through history, once we win we can turn to internecine warfare after we have turned back the barbarian hordes. There’s room for good people to wrestle over tax rates and the size of a magazine when there is no looming presence demanding they want, and have the authority to take, it all. To gain that room, create that united face, I propose Anti-Leftism. One front to face off against the Collective in 2014.

We don’t have to agree on what abortion law should look like now. We only have to agree their bogus political court decision of a couple generations back is not correct for this nation or this time. We don’t have to all want to own an AR. We only have to agree that it’s none of the state’s business. Flat tax, fair tax, no tax, it doesn’t matter right now. What matters is the growing, sprawling, infecting IRS and the graduated theft of the left, regardless of which Party label it carries, has to be stopped. The War on Terror is a war on this nation. The War on Drugs isn’t working as it stands now. The NSA and Homeland Security and the TSA ARE the “terrorists” we were supposed to be worrying about.

We can work out the fine points, divide the spoils, mock the potheads and cluck at Illegal Aliens and figure out what a Ghost Gun is once we have defeated the immediate threat. That threat is the Modern Left. Doesn’t matter if it claims to be a Democrat or a Republican, they all favor more laws, more spending, more concentration of authority in their grip and less autonomy for you and I. They win because they have a single goal and it’s not any single issue:

Their goal is Victory.

They already plan to hammer out the details after they beat US. They’ll establish their own pecking order when they have the luxury of time. They are beating US because they figured this out a long time ago. Now we have to play catch-up again. We don’t have to become Republicans or sacrifice our individuality to do it. We do have to accept that we have more in common with each other than with them. We do have to accept that we have waited almost too long and we’re going to have to fight fire with fire. That means you and a few million of your closest friends have to pick the hardest opposition to your local leftist of whatever Party and support that person. With money, words and action.

Doesn’t matter whether it’s a Libertarian or a Tea Partier or any other label. All that matters in the short term, which is all we have left right now, is getting them thru Primaries and into office and choking the life out of the Modern Left and their statist, corporate, Big Brother agenda which otherwise eventually ends in nothing more or less than a new Monarchy and Feudal system. Maybe we’ll have to do the same thing again shortly to get rid of whatever rises to the top of barrel of bad apples that is politics. The goal is to have that opportunity. Right now that requires you stop fighting each other, jump in the same car with your Constitution loving buddy, pick up a Republican party hack or three and the weird Prepper lady down the road and go vote for the same anti-left candidate. Whatever his or her Party label may be.

Step one then is to spread this idea. Make people realize it’s time for pragmatism, just for a little while. Cuomo’s blatant statement of division makes a perfectly good vehicle to press this on all groups because he’s very much talking about everyone who does not toe the leftist line. We have already been excluded by THEM. Now is the time to react to it. Now is the last chance to react to it. Now is the time to ACT on it. So plant the seed, then we’ll organize. That’s the easy part since we only have to herd all the cats in one direction: Whomever can win an election that doesn’t have LEFTIST tatooed on their political resume.

I’ll rant on Anti-Leftism more as the finer points come to me. For now, it’s time to unite. Get busy…for all our sakes.

Forum thread is here…

The NRA Has Registered Your Guns! OH MY!

One of the newer leftist meme’s in defense of their extremist anti-freedom agenda, specifically background checks and registration, is the effort to silence opposition by claiming everyone’s guns are already registered.  The NRA did it to us, they say!  The Mommies Demanding Action seem to like this one.  To provide a convenient, consistent response to this fallacy I find it once again necessary to define all the terms first.  At least in this case doing so will pretty much settle the argument at the same time.  So, here we go…

What is government registration of firearms?  You’d expect this is clear to everyone but, apparently, it is not.

Registration by government would be established by law.   For instance, it’s the only way in which the left’s “expanded background checks” could work.  They would first have to know where every legally owned firearm is before they could know if it’s being bought and sold and being “properly” checked.  So the government passes a law, or Obama simply rules by decree as he has indicated he plans to do on many things.  That law would require, under penalties that would range from fines to felonies and jail time, that every US Citizen pay a fee to said government and list each firearm that they own by type and serial number.  As well as where each firearm is physically kept and, possibly, when each is moved anywhere for any reason.

So is that clear?  Registration gives the government the make, model, serial number and location of each firearm you own.  Under penalty of law.  You do not get a choice in this, just like any other law.  Most firearms owners, conservatives, libertarians and freedom supporters in general get this.  So we have contained therein why “expanded background checks” won’t work, what would have to be done to make them work and, by implication, why we oppose it all.

The left’s new response is the NRA has already registered our guns.  According to these people, and there are surprisingly many of them because they either don’t know anything about the subject or they never stopped to think beyond the official Bloomberg Talking Points, membership was all it took.  Once you joined the NRA that organization then had, and shared, all your information.  Yeah…gives me a headache, too, but there it is.

The reality of “NRA Registration” for Leftists/anti-gunners:  The NRA has 4.5 million members, give or take.  It has had many millions more over the past 50 years.  There are currently around 90 million legal, adult firearms owners in the US.  At best the NRA has some direct link to the friends and family beyond their paying members numbering maybe 45 million.  None of the 4.5 million has to join the NRA.  Better than half the gun owning population has nobody close to them in the NRA.  The information provided to the NRA, by choice, is…your address.

Anti-gunners, this is the line you need to read most:  The NRA has the name and maybe a correct current address for 4 or 5 million people who chose to give that to them.  That’s it.

Nobody has to join the NRA and nobody gives the NRA any info on the firearms they own, where they are kept or when they are bought or sold.  There is no force of law and there is no consequence for giving wrong info or no info at all.  IF the NRA were to share anything it would be addresses.  Addresses where, maybe, gun owners live.  Or did live.  That’s your “NRA Registration”.  Willing membership in a private group by a relatively few people is what you are trying to compare to forced government registration of everybody!  The comparison is spurious.  Apples and oranges.  More like apples and subatomic matter, the comparison is so absurd.

But the left wonders why they are mocked, when they present such ludicrous comparisons as fact.  It’s because you deserve to be mocked and you undermine your own agenda by either not thinking things through, not understanding your subject material or thinking anyone else will be baffled by your bullshit.  By all means…please continue.  Marginalizing yourselves makes our job that much easier.

That reminds me, I think it’s time to submit once more to the mighty all-knowing NRA and re-up my “registration”.  That should make the Mommies cry, at least.


Scott Conklin 1/19/14 14:40

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Obamacare’s Increasing Cost

From my “I am Directly Involved” files:

An employee of a company I know Had her employer funded healthcare ended in October of 2013, as expected. At that time she and her husband(same company) filled out everything for Obamacare like 1 or 2 million other people(out of 310 million Citizens). Today they are still waiting to have any confirmation of care. That’s not the real problem, though. Imagine that; a lack of coverage, or even knowing if you have coverage, is not the problem within this mess. The real problem is bigger: They couldn’t afford it to start with but figured they would muddle through and pay it all somehow. Their expense went from basically “free” employer provided care, with a $2000 deductible and small copay, to $243 a month for a basic plan with a 5k deductible and a 10k(ish) copay.

Remember, folks, all these policies died because they (supposedly) were “inferior” to those coming from Obamacare.

But that’s still not the REAL problem. The real problem is that by the end of December their estimated payment had risen to $550 a month.

By Monday that payment was at $957.

These are not political people. These are not even “apolitical” people. These are completely politically naive people who don’t even vote. They drive a random midsize car and an old truck. They don’t own guns. They don’t haunt blogs and they don’t do protests. In other words, they have no agenda here. This is just the reporting by them of what they are experiencing. They have no partisan axe to grind.


Did I mention they are becoming less “apolitical”?

Today the company rep who is tasked with trying to help people transition to this new…system…got them a premium of $450…by utilizing their tax refund to pay part of the first couple months and finding more subsidy help. OK, well, that’s better. Wait…did I not tell you? That’s for HIM. Doesn’t include her. Or the kids. So at this point they may have secured a policy(they still have no actual policy or confirmation of a policy) for him that leaves them over a hundred dollars a week poorer. With less coverage. For a short few months using the tax refund that would have paid their spring property tax installment and worst winter utility bill. After that they are screwed again. So why is this increasingly common discovery happening now? Why is there yet one more landmine going off within Obamacare?

Because the young and healthy are not signing up for this boondoggle and that is driving up the rates. Of the tiny percentage of the population actually willing to provide their information to the unsecured and dysfunctional presidential website the majority are middle age and older. Less than healthy to downright desperately ill. In other words, the people who are the maximum potential drain and who will contribute the fewest dollars. Insurers who are already not being paid and are being bullied into providing policies that cover everything regardless of potential liability see the writing on the wall. Not only are they hiking rates to cover the lack of viable enrollees but, at this point, they are almost certainly hoping to kill further enrollment entirely. There’s no recovering from this, financially. The scales have already tipped too far and the 0bama Regime has clearly shown they can not propagandize anywhere near enough people of the desired age range to sign up.

The only hope of even getting near a point that does not break insurers in the short term is to take every penny possible from those who have signed up and hope that either the Repubs grow a spine and kill this beat…or that the Democrats hurry up and do what they planned all along. What might that be, you ask? These victims, both people and corporations, are going to be begging for mercy soon and the Left knew it. Everybody knew it. Conservatives were shouting it from the rooftops for years. “Soon” is almost here and the ready answer for the created “crisis” is Single Payer. It’ll be openly on the table very shortly and the victims will be begging for it. It doesn’t matter if there aren’t that many, there are enough to be used by the left to further the goal.

If you were watching your rates increase monthly to more than your house payment and you didn’t even yet have any actual coverage wouldn’t you be screaming for relief?

You have checked your rates recently, haven’t you? I don’t hear some of you screaming so apparently you have not.

The rest of us? Those who refused to sign up at all? We’re going to get dragged in without choice at that point because real socialized medicine doesn’t give you any options at all. least of all not participating. Just the way leftists like it and 0bama planned it all along. And you thought they didn’t see this coming, right? The only people who didn’t see it coming was most of the US Citizenry. Welcome to the Change.

The only “upside” of all this would be that decrease of political naivete I mentioned above. 0bama and his Regressive Left are creating a whole new group of voters. That Regressive Left should be damn worried about that, too.

Scott Conklin

See the discussion here…

Test! Test!

This is a test of the old unused Blog system. This is only a test. If this were a real post I would be posting something condemnatory of the nasty bastard currently infesting the WH. Instead you are being instructed to stay tuned because we’re going to start using this thing again soon…

Thoughts of Mitt, the Romneyphobes and the Clinton Assault Weapons Ban

All of the drama over Mitt as the imperfect candidate has taken me back to the early days of the Bush presidency. When he was silent on the AWB, except to have said if it reached his desk he would sign it. People threw a fit. They wanted him to come out swinging on the issue and that he would go so far as to say sure, he’d sign it if he saw it, incensed them. Conservatives were ready to not vote for him and, probably, the gun owners he lost because they didn’t know how to play the game were the difference between Gore trying to steal the election, and a Bush 3 million vote victory that should have been.

Back then I kept telling people to shut up and think. Listen to what he said. IF it reached his desk he’d sign it. A clearer message could not be sent during a campaign: Make sure I have a House and Senate that will never send it to me because, right now, I have to play the game the best I can. I went over this and over it. Still people were complaining after he was elected. After the AWB died they still complained. It wasn’t enough it was dead, they wanted Bush to have killed it. They wanted to see him wield the mighty pen. That he did not meant he was no conservative.

In fact he wasn’t much of a conservative but he was a decent Republican and he held things together in a difficult time. As long as he could. But nothing he did made those hardliners happy. That he did not single handedly slay the AWB was enough to make them stay home. Enough that we almost got Gore and then Kerry. Looking back now we can all see what a trainwreck either of those events would have played out to be.

But now we’ve got the same sort of thing going on with Romney. Yes, he’s a lesser candidate. But he’s superior to the alternative. He’s playing the game. He can win and he will be better for our side than the alternative. If we give him a House and Senate that will have his back he might even turn out to be, with some help, some of what we’re looking for in a president. But some of you are going to have to get past the Bush days and that AWB type fixation. It doesn’t matter what seemingly messed up way things get done at this point so long as they get done.

Hold back your vote. Keep insisting he do things not only that you want but the way you want them when you want them. Hand this election to Obama and submit this nation to four years of unrestrained socialist rule by Executive Order. Then what? You can pat yourself on the back for cutting off your noses to spite your faces? The rest of us will really be appreciative, as will your children…and the bankers and the Elites for entirely different reasons.

The Death of the Newspaper

The Death of the Newspaper

We have been watching this coming for the last 20 years or so. Sooner than you think, the concept of the daily newspaper, will be one of those stories elders tell their disbelieving grandchildren. “Yes, Jenny, they used to print ads in a thing called a ‘newspaper’ and they would print the ad on cheap paper with some 3 day old news and sell it by throwing it on your dew-covered lawn.”

“Oh, Grandpa! That’s not real.”

Now today comes the news that one of the nation’s major dailies is cutting back to publishing only 3 days per week:

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — New Orleans’ daily newspaper, The Times-Picayune, will switch to publishing three days a week starting in the fall and plans to increase its focus on online news.

The 175-year-old paper announced Thursday the formation of a new company — NOLA Media Group — which includes The Times-Picayune and its website affiliate.

The announcement said there will be unspecified staff reductions.
Times-Picayune publisher Ricky Mathews, who will be president of the new venture, said the changes were necessitated by upheaval in the newspaper industry. . . .

So the once-mighty newspaper industry continues to swirl around the bowl. Even the . Back in the day before that new-fangled AM radio came along, newspapers were the only means of getting news from places far away. Newspapers were published twice a day. Then as technology marched on from radio to television to cable news programs to the internet and the now instant availablility of almost all news from anywhere, the newspaper has simply lost its reason for being. Coupled with the march of technology, the newspaper industry’s predominent left-wing bias has made it an unlikeable item, easy to discard. It seems only a matter of time now until there are no more papers, except perhaps on the internet, although America still refuses to pay for most on-line content.

In my humble opinion we have reached the tipping point and we will now see more and more newspapers simply cease to exist. Frankly, the only function they serve now is as cut-and-post outlets for the Associated Press. I have a remedy so that some remnant of the newspaper industry can exist.

Papers have become too expensive and their value no longer justify their prices. If I were to pay for my local rag it would cost me $1 for about 30 pages of tripe, and $3 on Sunday for 30 pages of tripe plus 50 pages of ads. Ironically, the parts of the paper the publisher values most should be axed first. Here are my thoughts, free of charge, to newspapers who want to survive:

-Slash the price of the paper by 50% immediately and advertise the heck out of the new price and new content.

-End subscriptions to the major news services like AP. International, national and even State-wide news of any import has already been heard or read 2 days ago by your news-savvy audience.

-Consider becoming a weekly or, like the New Orleans paper, a 3-times-a-week paper.
Keep your editorial page if you must but opine only on items of local import, like the school tax or the merits of the up-coming library book sale. No one cares what your committee of screaming liberals thinks about larger matters, or candidate endorsements; we are capable of making up our own minds about those thank you.

-Convert your few remaining reporters to the purely local beat and shine your investigative efforts on city hall, not the White House.

-The more local college and high school sports the better. Heck, junior high sports will at least sell a paper or two to grandma to see if little Johnny scored a basket!

There came a time when the buggy manufacturers realized the Model T was not a passing fad. It’s that time now for the newspaper industry, which must either go local or boutique, or simply perish.

Randall Mead is a simple, country lawyer, scratching out a living in the belly of the beast, the capital of Madiganistan.

The Declining Quality of Education and What to Do about It

Historical Background

Back in the 1950s, I was a high school math and science teacher and I voluntarily joined the National Education Association (NEA) and the Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA) (joining was voluntary then). In those days the NEA and PSEA were professional organizations dedicated to maintaining teaching as a profession and improving the quality of instruction. Our meetings consisted of seminars on ways to improve our teaching techniques, displays of new and advanced textbooks, and the exchange of ideas on improving the quality of our instruction. Teachers were highly respected by students, parents, and the community.

We teachers demanded high academic standards from our students. Students and parents both knew that if the student failed to meet those standards, he or she would receive a failing grade and would have to repeat the course or repeat the grade in order to graduate. Contrast that with today’s schools where every student passes even though many don’t even know how to read.

What happened?

We have had a precipitous decline in the quality of education in the last 40 years. There are three major reasons for that decline, each as devastating as the next. In chronological order, here are those reasons:

1) Elimination of Phonics – The 1930s and 1940s saw the beginning of the elimination of the use of phonics in the teaching of reading. During WW II, less than 1% of recruits were unable to read at the 4th grade level, but during the Korean War, 17% of the draftees were illiterate, according to the Armed Forces Qualification Tests (AFQT). U.S. literacy figures for adults over 25 were 98% in 1950. (1)

A 1993 National Adult Literacy Survey found that “over 96 per cent (174 million) can’t read, write, and figure well enough to go to college; two-thirds (120 million) do not have the ‘literary proficiency’ to go to high school; and nearly a fourth (40 to 44 million) can’t read.” (2)

Why the decline in literacy? The WW II draftees were taught reading using the phonics method while most of the Korean War draftees were taught reading using the “look-say” or “whole word” method. A personal example: When our youngest son was in second grade, he was barely reading at the first grade level. Over the Christmas break, we used a phonics kit to teach him how to read and when he returned to school, he was reading as well as any others in his class. Now, at age 50, he is a voracious reader.

2) Federal Control Education – In the 1950s the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare was formed. This was the beginning of government interference into the local control of education. The federal government substituted federal bureaucratic control of education policies and spending for the proven American tradition of local control of education. In other words, parents lost their control the quality of education.

3) The NEA Became a Labor Union – In the 1960s the NEA was transformed from a professional organization into nothing more than another labor union involved in left-wing politics and opposing any education reform that would improve the quality of education. We are now spending far more per student than at any time in our history (adjusted for inflation), yet the quality of education continues to decline. All the NEA can think of to solve the problem is to throw more money at it. Lack of money is not the problem.

It is a sad commentary on the state of the NEA that the only action that was reported from their 1994 convention was the vote to boycott orange juice because the Florida orange growers were sponsoring the Rush Limbaugh Program. If the NEA would spend as much time on making real improvements in education as it does on politics, we would have the best educated students in the world.

Why did it happen?

The goal of the liberals’ education program was to place control of all education in this country into the hands of liberal educrats – the teachers’ unions, the federal education bureaucracy, and school administrators. Liberals claimed that the liberal elitist educrats knew more about educating children than the parents of those children or the locally elected school board.

When the liberal takeover of the schools occurred, we had the best education system in the world. Now, after 40 years of liberal control of education, the quality of education has declined so far that the majority of our graduates can’t compete with graduates from other countries. Even worse, millions of jobs are going unfilled and remedial courses must be taught in most colleges and universities because our high school graduates can’t even read, write, or do simple math. In fact, many of our high school graduates can’t even read their own diplomas.

There is a direct correlation between the decline in education quality and the increase in Federal control of education. There is also a direct correlation between the decline in education quality and the evolution of the National Education Association (NEA) from a professional organization to nothing more than a labor union begging for federal handouts.

The liberal programs for education have succeeded in doing what Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D, NY) described as, “The dumbing down of America.”

What can we do about it?

1) We need to introduce competition into the education system. Competition would force an improvement in working conditions in public schools. Such an improvement would attract more gifted students to the teaching profession and prevent good teachers from leaving to go into industry. See also 3) below.

2) About $120,000 is now being spent per classroom (assuming 20 students) in public schools. $52,800 (44%) of that amount is being spent on administration. I see no earthly reason that 44% of school spending should be spent on administration. Competition would force public schools to streamline their administrative bureaucracy, pay teachers what would be required to get the best available, and purchase additional educational materials.

If you’ll pardon a personal note, the main reason that I left teaching was the administrivia that we had to endure. If I may say so, I was a good teacher who demanded and got superior performance from my students. I taught in a poor school district but we produced many superior graduates, proving that money is not the solution to the education problem.

3) Introducing the use of vouchers into the education system would force all schools, public, private, and parochial, to improve the quality of education in order to get the consumers’ (parents’) voucher dollars. The beauty of vouchers is that the competition would force the public schools to demand the same performance standards as we already have in private and parochial schools in order to compete with them. As a result we have a significant improvement in the overall quality of education.

Vouchers have proven to be very popular wherever they have been tried. One of the most successful voucher systems has been the one in the inner city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It has become so popular that every year more schools are being added to the list of available schools. One of the reasons that vouchers are so popular in Milwaukee and elsewhere is that they are not discriminatory and there is no screening for ethnic and religious backgrounds or financial ability to pay. Any parent who has a voucher can go to any participating school and enroll his or her child.

Of course, that child will have to meet the standards of performance for each subject in order to remain in that school. In other words, the child must pass the courses. What a novel idea. How different from most public schools where students are graduated when they reach the correct age whether they have learned anything or not.


We have seen how the quality of education has drastically declined in this nation as a result of education policies forced upon us by liberal educrats. The best way to restore quality into our education system is to introduce competition by giving parents education vouchers so that they can have the freedom to choose the best available education for their children.

(1) Regna Lee Wood, “That’s Right – They’re Wrong,” National Review, 9/14/92

(2) Regna Lee Wood, “Our Golden Road to Illiteracy,” National Review, 10/18/93

A Paul-ing Math

A Paul-ing Math

Figures from
Real Clear Politics

2012 Republican Popular Vote

Romney . . 6,354,712
Santorum . 3,576,171
Gingrich . . 2,525,766
Paul . . . . . 1,544,822

Based on these figures and according to my math there have been 14,001,471 votes cast for these 4 people who ran/are running in the GOP primary this year.

This means Governor Romney has received 45.4% of the popular vote while Dr. Paul has received only 11% of this vote. To put it another way, the “Not Ron Paul” vote has been 89%.

I realize the Ron Paul faithful believe there is some way Paul can win the Republican nomination. Let’s assume he does.

Does that not mean the 11% have somehow usurped power and disenfranchesed the 89%?

Is that the kind of mandate Dr. Paul and his followers espouse? I think in other places that would call that a “coup.”

Randall Mead is a simple, country lawyer, scratching out a living in the belly of the beast, the capital of Madiganistan.

France, Greece and the Return of Economic Insanity

The two nations in the worst economic shape, whose antics over the past decades threatened to crush the EU and much of the rest of the world’s economy, don’t really seem to give a damn. At least their voters don’t.

Unhappy with “austerity” voters have put a socialist into power in France, where the same socialist party stands to assume complete control of that nations government, and in Greece there simply is no government now. The number two party wants to dump the entire bailout. The lead party admits it can’t get a coalition without appeasing that group and the number 3 party at the very least wants to “renegotiate”.  More interesting and destabilizing is the fact that if these three groups can’t, in order of percentage, establish some majority coalition it all goes back to the voters again.  How many guesses do we need to know what they’ll do next time, knowing what they managed to accomplish this time?  Anyone for a Golden Dawn majority?

In short, Europeans want to continue to retire at 60-62, get two months of paid vacations and continue to get “free” healthcare while their governments tax the “rich” at 75% and then wonder why their economies continue to die. These people really do not seem to understand that their is not only no free lunch, there’s no cheap one, either. If you want government to pay for everything then government has to have most of your income. If you don’t like higher taxes then you do with less government.

But these people represent what this nation is becoming: They want it all, they want it for free, and they want some mythical group of “1%” to pay for it while keeping strong economies and jobs. As long as those jobs aren’t too difficult, “degrading” or require too many years of actual work. That this is impossible doesn’t seem to compute with them.

That they are gambling on dragging first Europe and then the world down with them isn’t something they even seem to care about. But it’s US Citizens who are supposedly unaware of and unconcerned about the rest of the globe. Personally, with these two elections and the way the rest of the year seems poised to go in Europe I think that old meme will have to be revised. It’s way too much of Europe that doesn’t have a clue or give a damn in the face of their own narcissism.

In the long run it’s we who will get to pay for their stupidity. Again.,0,4747308.story

The Real Julia

The President’s campaign has cooked up cartoon sycophant Julia, dependent on the largesse Barack Obama takes away from those with a job and “redistributes” to her during her entire life to get her through to old age, working in the community garden and her ultimate government appointment with the death panel at the end. After reading bits and pieces of this drivel, I couldn’t help but think about the Real Julia.

The Real Julia, Julia Eberly Martin, came to Texas as a pioneer girl with her family around 1832. She was probably around 10. The Real Julia’s mother, infant sister, and uncle died the first year they were in Texas, probably of cholera. A few years after she arrived, in 1836, the Texas Revolution broke out. Her father, Captain Jacob Eberly, left home to fight in the battle of Gonzales, where the Texans refused to turn over their cannon to the dictator Santa Anna’s army, instead defiantly making a flag with a cannon picture and star on it that declared “Come and Take It”.

How frightened Julia must have been, coming to this raw, dangerous new land fraught with predators of all kind, human and animal, literally making everything they had from nothing. Then war broke out, and her father had to worry about his motherless children as well as fighting for freedom for them. Nobody, you see, gave Julia a “head start”. There was no “free lunch” you didn’t shoot and cook yourself. School was a luxury, and medical care sporadic.

In that exceptionally cold March, the Alamo fell, and Goliad, and The Real Julia and her family had to flee for their lives, burning their possessions behind them, all they had worked for, and making their difficult, cold, frightened way across Texas with no government-provided mass transit, even. They built a raft and floated across to Galveston Island on it, hoping they would be safe, unsure if they would ever be able to go back to what was left of their home again.

Upon debarking from the raft, The Real Julia and her family received a terrible scare- in the distance, they saw a line of what appeared to be Karankawa Indians, a very primitive cannibal tribe who lived in that area, and in haste began to reload the raft to try to escape! How relieved they were when they discovered it was only sand cranes. This story, related by Julia’s sister many years later to her granddaughter, is one of the few hints we have of the panic the small band of pioneers were feeling during this troubled time.

Fortunately, The Texans were victorious in throwing off the yoke of an oppressor at the Battle of San Jacinto, and Doctor James Fisher Martin, a doctor from England via South Carolina, eventually became Julia’s husband when she was about 18. The Real Julia, without any help from Barack Obama, chose to have an actual husband, and bear five children, eventually establishing a large ranch in south Texas.

The Real Julia and the strong women like her didn’t need a central government riding shotgun for them their entire lives- they were, you see, the REAL liberated women! They were strong, able to build an entire life from an unforgiving wilderness, defend themselves and their children, feed, clothe, shelter, nurse, educate, and work as truly independent, free women, and shoot their own guns quite well. I think that the Real Julia was much like The Real Sarah Palin today! They are both examples of strength, faith, and each a pioneer in her own way.

They are who and what built our country and their hard work, faith in God and the values of individual effort and willingness to fight for freedom put cartoon Obama Julia to shame, quite literally. Pretend Julia is just that-pretend, and her story makes a mockery of everything the Real Julia lived, fought and strived for in her real life.

The Real Julia is a better story than the pretend Julia who cannot function without an overbearing government directing every aspect of her life. Today we are facing just as insidious a dictatorship looming in our future as the Real Julia- my great great grandmother. Julia, at least I still have a choice in November and I’m with you, not Obama Pretend Julia. Come and Take It!