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The Declining Quality of Education and What to Do about It

Historical Background

Back in the 1950s, I was a high school math and science teacher and I voluntarily joined the National Education Association (NEA) and the Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA) (joining was voluntary then). In those days the NEA and PSEA were professional organizations dedicated to maintaining teaching as a profession and improving the quality of instruction. Our meetings consisted of seminars on ways to improve our teaching techniques, displays of new and advanced textbooks, and the exchange of ideas on improving the quality of our instruction. Teachers were highly respected by students, parents, and the community.

We teachers demanded high academic standards from our students. Students and parents both knew that if the student failed to meet those standards, he or she would receive a failing grade and would have to repeat the course or repeat the grade in order to graduate. Contrast that with today’s schools where every student passes even though many don’t even know how to read.

What happened?

We have had a precipitous decline in the quality of education in the last 40 years. There are three major reasons for that decline, each as devastating as the next. In chronological order, here are those reasons:

1) Elimination of Phonics – The 1930s and 1940s saw the beginning of the elimination of the use of phonics in the teaching of reading. During WW II, less than 1% of recruits were unable to read at the 4th grade level, but during the Korean War, 17% of the draftees were illiterate, according to the Armed Forces Qualification Tests (AFQT). U.S. literacy figures for adults over 25 were 98% in 1950. (1)

A 1993 National Adult Literacy Survey found that “over 96 per cent (174 million) can’t read, write, and figure well enough to go to college; two-thirds (120 million) do not have the ‘literary proficiency’ to go to high school; and nearly a fourth (40 to 44 million) can’t read.” (2)

Why the decline in literacy? The WW II draftees were taught reading using the phonics method while most of the Korean War draftees were taught reading using the “look-say” or “whole word” method. A personal example: When our youngest son was in second grade, he was barely reading at the first grade level. Over the Christmas break, we used a phonics kit to teach him how to read and when he returned to school, he was reading as well as any others in his class. Now, at age 50, he is a voracious reader.

2) Federal Control Education – In the 1950s the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare was formed. This was the beginning of government interference into the local control of education. The federal government substituted federal bureaucratic control of education policies and spending for the proven American tradition of local control of education. In other words, parents lost their control the quality of education.

3) The NEA Became a Labor Union – In the 1960s the NEA was transformed from a professional organization into nothing more than another labor union involved in left-wing politics and opposing any education reform that would improve the quality of education. We are now spending far more per student than at any time in our history (adjusted for inflation), yet the quality of education continues to decline. All the NEA can think of to solve the problem is to throw more money at it. Lack of money is not the problem.

It is a sad commentary on the state of the NEA that the only action that was reported from their 1994 convention was the vote to boycott orange juice because the Florida orange growers were sponsoring the Rush Limbaugh Program. If the NEA would spend as much time on making real improvements in education as it does on politics, we would have the best educated students in the world.

Why did it happen?

The goal of the liberals’ education program was to place control of all education in this country into the hands of liberal educrats – the teachers’ unions, the federal education bureaucracy, and school administrators. Liberals claimed that the liberal elitist educrats knew more about educating children than the parents of those children or the locally elected school board.

When the liberal takeover of the schools occurred, we had the best education system in the world. Now, after 40 years of liberal control of education, the quality of education has declined so far that the majority of our graduates can’t compete with graduates from other countries. Even worse, millions of jobs are going unfilled and remedial courses must be taught in most colleges and universities because our high school graduates can’t even read, write, or do simple math. In fact, many of our high school graduates can’t even read their own diplomas.

There is a direct correlation between the decline in education quality and the increase in Federal control of education. There is also a direct correlation between the decline in education quality and the evolution of the National Education Association (NEA) from a professional organization to nothing more than a labor union begging for federal handouts.

The liberal programs for education have succeeded in doing what Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D, NY) described as, “The dumbing down of America.”

What can we do about it?

1) We need to introduce competition into the education system. Competition would force an improvement in working conditions in public schools. Such an improvement would attract more gifted students to the teaching profession and prevent good teachers from leaving to go into industry. See also 3) below.

2) About $120,000 is now being spent per classroom (assuming 20 students) in public schools. $52,800 (44%) of that amount is being spent on administration. I see no earthly reason that 44% of school spending should be spent on administration. Competition would force public schools to streamline their administrative bureaucracy, pay teachers what would be required to get the best available, and purchase additional educational materials.

If you’ll pardon a personal note, the main reason that I left teaching was the administrivia that we had to endure. If I may say so, I was a good teacher who demanded and got superior performance from my students. I taught in a poor school district but we produced many superior graduates, proving that money is not the solution to the education problem.

3) Introducing the use of vouchers into the education system would force all schools, public, private, and parochial, to improve the quality of education in order to get the consumers’ (parents’) voucher dollars. The beauty of vouchers is that the competition would force the public schools to demand the same performance standards as we already have in private and parochial schools in order to compete with them. As a result we have a significant improvement in the overall quality of education.

Vouchers have proven to be very popular wherever they have been tried. One of the most successful voucher systems has been the one in the inner city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It has become so popular that every year more schools are being added to the list of available schools. One of the reasons that vouchers are so popular in Milwaukee and elsewhere is that they are not discriminatory and there is no screening for ethnic and religious backgrounds or financial ability to pay. Any parent who has a voucher can go to any participating school and enroll his or her child.

Of course, that child will have to meet the standards of performance for each subject in order to remain in that school. In other words, the child must pass the courses. What a novel idea. How different from most public schools where students are graduated when they reach the correct age whether they have learned anything or not.


We have seen how the quality of education has drastically declined in this nation as a result of education policies forced upon us by liberal educrats. The best way to restore quality into our education system is to introduce competition by giving parents education vouchers so that they can have the freedom to choose the best available education for their children.

(1) Regna Lee Wood, “That’s Right – They’re Wrong,” National Review, 9/14/92

(2) Regna Lee Wood, “Our Golden Road to Illiteracy,” National Review, 10/18/93

Liberal Media Lies about the Economy

Liberal Media Lies about the Economy

by Naturalized- Texan


There are lies of commission and lies of omission. The lies from the liberal media are lies of omission when a Republican is president and lies of commission when a Democrat is president. I will provide several examples of those lies starting with the Reagan years and continuing through the Obama presidency.


President Reagan inherited a recession from his predecessor that still ranks as the worst economy since the Great Depression. During that recession we had double-digit inflation, double-digit interest rates, and double-digit unemployment, but none of that was reported by the liberal media.


The Reagan across-the-board tax rate cuts were enacted in 1981 to take effect in 1983. Those tax rate cuts triggered 18 years of robust economic growth interrupted by only one quarter of negative growth in the first quarter of 1991 following the Bush tax increase. The robust economic growth triggered by those tax rate cuts created 20 million jobs in the 1980s.


The liberal media falsely characterized the Reagan across-the-board tax cuts as “tax cuts for the rich.” Sound familiar? In addition, they never reported the job creation resulting from those tax rate cuts.


During the 1992 presidential campaign BJ Clinton claimed that the economy then was “the worst economy in 50 years” and the liberal media parroted Clinton’s claim as if it were fact. The facts are that economic growth during at the time of that campaign was robust with GDP growth during the four quarters of 1992 being 4.5%, 4.3%, 4.2%, and 4.3%. However, the liberal media never reported those facts.


Incidentally, following the 1993 Clinton tax increase, described by Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D, NY) as the largest tax increase in the history of the world, GDP growth was cut almost in half before it recovered.


Following the Clinton administration’s frivolous anti-trust suit against Microsoft, the dot-com bubble burst in mid-2000 just as the presidential campaign was heating up. Economic growth dropped to near zero. But the media never reported that near recession-level GDP.


The economy was still struggling when the 9/11 terrorist attacks devastated the economy and there was negative economic growth in that quarter. The recovery from that devastation didn’t really start until the Bush tax rate cuts took effect in 2003. Once again the liberal media falsely characterized the Bush across-the-board tax rate cuts as “tax cut for the rich.”


I will use January 2002, the low point following the 9/11 attacks, as the basis for the remainder of this essay.


Here are the employment numbers for January 2002:

  • The non-institutional civilian population was 213.1 million
  • The Labor Force was 141.4 million
  • 133.5 million Americans were employed
  • Unemployment rate was 5.6%


Here are the employment numbers for January 2007 when the Democrats took control of Congress:

  • The non-institutional civilian population was 230.7 million
  • The Labor Force was 153.0 million
  • 146 million Americans were employed
  • Unemployment rate was 4.6%


Because of the economic boom triggered by the Bush tax rate cuts 12.5 million jobs were created between January 2002 and January 2007 and the unemployment rate dropped from 5.6% and 4.6%.


Now, let’s look at the most recent employment numbers for December 2011:

  • The non-institutional civilian population was 240.6 million
  • The Labor Force was 153.9 million
  • 140.8 million Americans were employed
  • Unemployment rate was 8.5%


Since the Democrats took control of Congress in January 2007, 6.2 million Americans lost their jobs and the unemployment rate shot up to a phony 8.5%. I say phony because while the non-institutional civilian population increased by nearly 10 million between January 2007 and December 2011, but the Labor Force only increased by less than one million. That indicates that about 9 million Americans had left the Labor Force since January 2007. If those 9 million people had remained in the Labor Force, the real unemployment rate would be more like 13%.


Of course, the liberal media never reported the employment gains resulting from the economic boom following the Bush tax rate cuts. Moreover, they haven’t reported the job losses that have occurred since the Democrats took control of Congress in January 2007.


There were large spending increases following the 9/11 terrorist attacks mainly due to fighting the War on Terror and the rebuilding of the military following 8 years of neglect under Clinton.


The peak deficit between FY2002 and FY2007 (the last fiscal year that President Bush had a Republican Congress) was $417 billion which occurred in FY2004. By FY2007, the deficit had dropped to $161 billion and the national debt in FY2007 was $5.0 TRILLION.


The current deficit is $1.6 TRILLION, a ten-fold increase since the Democrats took control of Congress. The current national debt is $15.2 TRILLION, more than triple the national debt when the Democrats took control of Congress.


Again, the liberal media has never reported those massive increases in spending and debt since January 2007.


So, it’s easy to see that the liberal media are guilty of both lies of commission and lies of omission.



Dept. of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics

Dept of Commerce Bureau of Economic Analysis[/url]

FY2012 Budget Historical Tables available for download in pdf format from the Government Printing Office


Election Fraud 2000: How AlGore Tried to Steal the Election

Election Fraud 2000: How AlGore Tried to Steal the Election
By Naturalized-Texan


Al Gore used election fraud and the liberal Florida Supreme Court in his attempt to steal an election that he could never have won legitimately at the ballot box. In the following essay you will find a few examples of the massive Democrat election fraud during and after Election Day 2000. These examples were all recorded contemporaneously. Information that I learned after the fact is written in italics.

Fraud on Election Day

1) In Democrat South Florida, certified Republican poll watchers were prevented from entering polling places.

2) Again in Democrat South Florida, legally registered Republican voters were denied their right to vote with no reason. It was learned later that most of those Republican voters were black and Democrat election officials denied them the right to vote because their voter registration cards were improper – they contained the word “Republican” in the party registration field.

3) In Miami-Dade, an analysis published the week before Christmas 2000 by the liberal Miami Herald showed that as many as 600 dead people voted in the election. The way that happened was that Democrats transported busloads of AlGore voters from precinct to precinct to vote in place of dead people still on the voter rolls. (An aside: Miami-Dade has a long and well-deserved record for Democrat election fraud. For political reasons the county attorney repeatedly refused to investigate and prosecute the perpetrators of that fraud. Her name was Janet Reno. Sound familiar?)

4) In all of Florida about 6,000 convicted felons illegally voted in the election. It’s a sure bet that the vast majority of those felons voted for AlGore.

5) Before the polls even closed, the AlGore campaign hired a telemarketing firm to call 2,500 Democrat voters in Palm Beach County to tell them to call their congressman (Bob Wexler) and pretend that they were confused by the butterfly ballot and feared that they had voted for Pat Buchanan.

6) The liberal media were so anxious for AlGore to be the winner that they declared Florida for Gore before the Florida polls even closed. That had the effect of discouraging thousands, if not hundreds-of-thousands, of Republican voters nationwide to stay at home rather than vote for Bush. Of course, we’ll never know how many voters were discouraged from voting, but it’s certainly possible that Bush would have received enough additional votes that he would have had a majority in the popular vote and would have won the electoral vote without needing Florida.

Democrat strategist, Bob Beckel, estimated that if the networks had not declared Florida for AlGore before the polls closed in the Florida Panhandle, Bush would have picked up an additional 8,000 votes (others estimated that Bush lost between 10,000 and 11,500 votes in Florida because of the early call). Bush would have won Florida by at least 9,700 votes on Election Day. (Source: Bill Sammon,  At Any Cost)[p]Before you ask: Yes, that was the same Bob Beckel who paid private investigators to dig up dirt on Bush Electors for the purpose of trying to blackmail them into switching their Electoral Votes to AlGore.

Fraud after Election Day

1) According to several sources, including the manufacturer of the Votomatic voting machine used in several Democrat counties in Florida, it is impossible to produce a dimpled or “pregnant” chad with the stylus on a single ballot using the Votomatic. According to those same sources, the only way to produce a dimpled or “pregnant” chad on a ballot is to stack 5 or more ballots on top of each other and press down very hard with the Votomatic stylus.

After the mandatory machine recount, the so-called undervotes, actually ballots where the voters decided that none of the candidates for president were worthy of their vote, were set aside for hand-recounting. However, it’s obvious, based on the facts in the preceding paragraph, that before the hand recounts started, Democrat election officials took those “undervoted” ballots and additional unvoted ballots and fraudulently MANUFACTURED dimpled chads for AlGore in the manner described above. Then they proceeded to count them as Gore votes.

If you remember, 3 or 4 days after the election, a Democrat election official in one of those counties (Palm Beach, I think) was caught by police with a Votomatic machine in his car. It’s clear now what he was doing. He was using the stylus on that machine to MANUFACTURE dimpled chads for Gore.

An addendum from Longhorn_Platinum dated 7/16/2008, with many thanks:

It’s also highly likely that this member of the Palm Beach canvassing board was using his stylus for an even more sinister purpose. We all remember the flak about double-punched ballots? According to a NewsMax article (no longer available on the web), double-punched ballots are a common voting error that occurs in all areas of the country, and not just in the presidential race, but in all types of races. However, in Palm Beach County, the double-punched ballots were turning up in record frequencies, not just in 2000, but also in 1996 (a dry run?), [b]but only in the presidential race[/b]. The most likely explanation is not voter confusion caused by the butterfly ballot, but one person neatly stacking ballots together, and then using a stylus to punch through the Gore “hole”. This would leave ballots already punched for Gore unchanged, while ballots cast for other candidates would become double-punched

This explanation especially makes sense when you consider one fact that received precious little attention from the media. Of the 19,200 double-punched ballots, only about 4000 were double-punched for Buchanan-Gore. The other 15,000+ were double-punched for Bush-Gore. It’s highly likely that Bush was thus cheated out of over 15,000 votes. A margin that large would have settled the question long before the legal fiasco began, and our nation would have been spared 37 days of uncertainty.

2) In the Broward County hand recount, the Democrat election officials fraudulently divined that ballots where the voters decided that none of the candidates for president were worthy of their vote were really votes for AlGore if the voters voted for Democrats in all the other positions on the ballot. That’s how AlGore “picked up” more than 400 votes in that county.

3) When AlGore saw that he still couldn’t win the election, he ordered his lawyers to sue Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris to force her to violate Florida Law and the U.S. Constitution to allow hand recounts in certain heavily Democrat counties after the deadline mandated by the Florida Legislature had expired. Judge Terry Lewis (a Democrat) ruled that Harris had some discretion to allow hand recounts if there was sufficient reason under Florida law. Harris ruled that since there was no fraud or no machine failure, such recounts were not permitted under Florida law. Judge Lewis agreed that Secretary Harris should certify the election with Bush the winner.

But, the seven highly partisan liberal members of the Florida Supreme Court couldn’t let Bush’s victory stand, so they unilaterally stepped in without an appeal and prevented Secretary Harris from certifying the election. The Florida Supreme Court then ordered that the Bush and Gore sides present arguments on whether the election should be certified.

It was in his argument on this issue that Gore’s lead lawyer, David Boies, lied when he claimed that the Illinois Supreme Court had ruled that dimpled chads should be counted in determining the intent of the voter. The fact is that the Illinois Supreme Court had ruled exactly the opposite – [b]that dimpled chads should NOT be counted and to be counted, a chad must be hanging by at least two corners.[/b]

Naturally, the Florida Supreme Court violated Florida law, federal law, and the U. S. Constitution and ruled, largely based on the David Boies lie, that hand recounts in certain heavily Democrat counties must continue and set a deadline of 5:00PM on November 26, 2000, for completing the recounts and sending the results to Secretary Harris. Giving those counties such a short time to complete the hand recounts turned out to be a serious error committed by the Court.

Several days before the Florida Supreme Court stepped in uninvited, the Miami-Dade County Canvassing Board had announced that it would not be able to complete its hand recount before December 2, 2000. Consequently, that Board decided to discontinue its recount and certify the vote tally as of November 14, the original mandated deadline. However, the REAL reason it stopped the hand recount was that it was about to start counting the Hispanic precincts that went 80% to 90% for Bush and the Board feared that Bush would begin picking up votes. (It turns out that the canvassing board was correct. A review of all the Miami-Dade “undercount” ballots conducted in January, 2001, by the Palm Beach Post showed that Bush would have PICKED UP a total of 6 votes had the hand recount been completed.) Stopping the hand recount was a blow for Gore because he expected to pick up 600 votes in Miami-Dade. Gore couldn’t let the Miami-Dade count stop, so he sued to force the canvassing board to resume its count.

After the Florida Supreme Court issued its ruling, the Palm Beach County Canvassing Board started its recount. However, it only worked half-days before Thanksgiving Day and did no counting at all on the holiday. Consequently, it was unable to meet the Court-imposed deadline so its recount was not included in the final certified tally. Then the Canvassing Board had the gall to complain that the deadline was unfair.

Since the Florida Supreme Court ruling clearly violated Florida law, federal law, and the U.S. Constitution, the Bush Team appealed that ruling to the U.S. Supreme Court. The U.S. Supreme Court [b]unanimously[/b] vacated the Florida Supreme Court ruling.

4) On November 26, 2000, Secretary Harris officially certified the Florida election results with Bush as the winner. Naturally, Al Gore couldn’t allow that to stand, so he brought suit to force the continuation of the recounts in Miami-Dade, Nassau, and Palm Beach Counties. Gore also asked the court to declare him the winner even though he had lost in every recount and Bush had been officially certified as the winner.

5) Dutifully, the liberal Florida Supreme Court ruled in Gore’s favor by a 4-3 vote. In his dissent, Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice Charles Wells, a liberal Democrat, stated:

“I could not more strongly disagree with [the majority's] decision to reverse the trial court and prolong this judicial process. I also believe that the majority’s decision cannot withstand the scrutiny Which will certainly immediately follow under the United States Constitution …. I have a deep and abiding concern that the prolonging of judicial process in this counting contest propels this country and this state into an unprecedented and unnecessary constitutional crisis.”
Chief Justice Wells was correct.

6) The Bush team had no choice but to appeal the unconstitutional decision of the Florida Supreme Court. Since the Florida Supreme Court (FLSC) violated the U.S. Constitution, U.S. laws, the Florida Constitution, and Florida laws, the U.S. Supreme Court had no choice but to intervene. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled 7 (Renquist, Scalia, Thomas, Kennedy, O’Connor, Breyer, Souter) to 2 (Ginsberg, Stevens) that the FLSC acted in violation the equal protection clause of the U.S. Constitution by ruling that the recounts should continue. Since that ruling came at the deadline for submitting the results to the Electoral College, there was no time for any more recounts, so the FL Legislature submitted Florida’s electoral votes for George W. Bush, thus electing him president.

In his dissent, Justice John Paul Stevens severely chastised the Florida Court for not stopping the recounts and for allowing the issue to come before the US Supreme Court. Unfortunately, he couldn’t bring himself to take the next logical step and vote with the majority.

A few months after the 2000 election a consortium from the liberal media including USA TODAY/Miami Herald/Knight Ridder concluded: “George W. Bush would have won a hand count of Florida’s disputed ballots if the standard advocated by Al Gore had been used, the first full study of the ballots reveals. Bush would have won by 1,665 votes – more than triple his official 537-vote margin – if every dimple, hanging chad and mark on the ballots had been counted as votes.

Several other recounts were conducted by various consortia of the liberal media all of which concluded that George W. Bush would have won Florida.

We all remember that AlGore who fought desperately to disqualify legal military absentee ballots and managed to disqualify 2,400 of those legal ballots. (An aside: A Federal Appeals Court ruled that all those 2,400 ballots were legal and should have been counted. However, the ruling came after the Florida vote had already been certified and the electoral votes submitted to the U.S. House of Representatives, so those legal military absentee ballots were never counted. It’s a sure bet that a vast majority of those votes would have been cast for George W. Bush.)

Ironically, the courts were not the major factor in Bush’s election victory! Again: THE COURTS WERE NOT THE MAJOR FACTOR IN BUSH’S VICTORY!

The major factor in Bush’s victory was Elian Gonzalez. Or, more precisely, the Clinton/Reno Gestapo raid to kidnap Elian and send him back to Cuban slavery. Algore’s margin in Miami-Dade was 78,000 votes less than Clinton’s in 1996 as Hispanics turned out in droves to vote for Bush. Ironically, if Clinton/Reno had allowed Elian to stay in Miami, AlGore would have been elected president.


AlGore showed us in Florida the lengths to which a megalomaniac politician will go when he sees power slipping through his fingers. He said, “I’ll do anything to win,” and he did. He lied, cheated, and stole in his coup attempt to overthrow a duly elected president. He lied by having David Boies lie to the Florida Supreme Court about the Illinois Supreme Court ruling on dimpled chads. He cheated by having his lackeys in South Florida manufacture dimpled chads as votes for Gore. He stole by having those same lackeys punch out extra chads to steal already recorded votes for Bush. Even with all his lying, cheating, and stealing he could never manufacture enough votes to win because the votes for him were never there.

Leftism Is Evil

Leftism Is Evil
By Naturalized-Texan


Historians and political scientists tell us that Communism under Lenin/Stalin/Mao, et al., Hitler’s National Socialism (Nazism), Mussolini’s Fascism, and modern American liberalism are all left-wing movements with virtually identical political and social ideologies. They all practice government control over the economy, over the means of production, and elitist control over people’s lives.

They all practice racism, slavery, and genocide. They all have their own forms of propaganda arms and they all practice their own forms of censorship and they all practice mind control. They all persecute religion. They all keep the populace ignorant so that they are easier to control. They all have their own junk scientists willing to prostitute themselves to promote a leftist agenda (e.g., the global warming scare that is designed to promote world socialism under UN control).

Concentration Camps

They all have their own forms of concentration camps. The Communists had the Gulags, the Nazis/Fascists had the extermination camps, and modern American liberals have their inner cities. Granted, American liberals haven’t yet placed electrified fences topped with barbed-wire around the inner cities, but they might as well have, since so few of their prisoners manage to escape. The Communists and Nazis/Fascists killed the bodies of their prisoners, while American liberals kill the minds and spirits of their prisoners.

Liberals force their inner-city prisoners to beg for government handouts and to live in fear for their lives in squalid slums. Liberals force the children of their prisoners to attend sub-standard schools where the main curriculum consists of drugs, gangs, guns, sexual promiscuity, and illiteracy. Liberals consider all their women prisoners of childbearing age to be little more than breeders who are given monetary incentives to produce ever-increasing numbers of welfare babies. Then, if a female prisoner dares to violate concentration camp rules by allowing the father of her children to live with her and help raise their children, the liberal prison guards (government social workers) punish her by taking away her benefits.


Liberals believe that blacks aren’t smart enough to compete, so they lower educational standards so that they (the liberals) can pretend that they can. That’s pure racism. Even worse, liberals block every effort to improve the quality of education so that everyone can compete without lowering standards. I’m convinced that liberals do that on purpose in order to keep minorities poor and ignorant and dependent on government handouts.

Liberals do the same with Hispanics, but it’s even more insidious because liberals believe that Hispanics aren’t smart enough to even learn English, so they insist that they be taught in Spanish ensuring that they won’t be able to compete in an English-speaking nation.

We conservatives are every bit as sickened by the horrors of liberal inner-city concentration camps as we were by the Communist Gulags and the Nazi/Fascist extermination camps. We conservatives want to free those prisoners who are suffering in the liberal concentration camps, but we know that there is very little that we can do to free them until we can elect conservative mayors, city councilmen and councilwomen, and school board members who will improve the quality of education in inner-city schools.

Liberal Racism

I have never understood why blacks retain their allegiance to the Democrat Party. Liberal Democrats have relegated millions of blacks to living on welfare, to living in sub-standard housing, and to sending their children to sub-standard schools. Liberal Democrats have forced millions of blacks to be slaves totally dependent on the government for handouts. In contrast, a Republican president freed the slaves, for nearly 100 years in the South, the Republican Party was the only party that allowed blacks to vote in primary elections and become party members, and proportionally more Republicans than Democrats voted for the 1964 Civil Rights Law. Without Republican support, the 1964 Civil Rights Act would never have been enacted into law.

In addition, blacks should be thronging to the Republican Party because of their tremendous gains under President Ronald Reagan. Under Carter, real median family income for blacks declined by 13.6% but increased by 15.7% under Reagan. That compares with an increase of only 13.8% for whites. The number of black families with incomes over $50,000 (in constant 1989 dollars) declined by 12% under Carter, but increased by an astounding 89% under Reagan. (Source: Bureau of the Census) Moreover, the black poverty rate under Carter increased by 5 percentage points, but declined buy 5 percentage points under Reagan. (Source: Bureau of the Census, “Poverty in the U.S.: 1990, August 1991, pp. 16-17

In his famous “I Have a Dream” speech on August 28, 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” Today, 48 years after Dr. King’s speech, liberals still judge people “by the color of their skin,” while conservatives still judge people by the “content of their character.” Dr. King must be spinning in his grave over what liberals have done to his people.

100 Years of Leftist Evil

From the Lenin/Stalin purges, to the imprisonment and slaughter of Jews, Christians, and other dissidents at places like Daschau, Buchenwald, and Auschwitz, to the imprisonment and slaughter of Jews, Christians, and other dissidents in the Gulag, to the imprisonment and slaughter of dissidents in N. Korea, Cambodia, Castro’s Cuba, and other Communist regimes, to the destruction of our Constitutional rights, to what former Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D, NY) termed the “dumbing down of America,”

Even worse, leftists have been the source of evil in the world for the past 100+ years. In the past 100 years, leftists of various stripes have been responsible for the murder of nearly 250 million – a quarter of a billion – people: Mao and his successors: 100+ million; Lenin/Stalin and their successors: 50+ million; the American Holocaust by modern American liberalism: the slaughter of 50+ million babies and still counting; Hitler: 30 million, including 6 million Jews; Saddam Hussein: at least 10 million; other miscellaneous Communist regimes (N, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Cuba, Nicaragua, etc.): 10 million; and let us not forget the nearly 3,000 Americans who were slaughtered by leftist terrorists on 9/11/2001.

Economic Consequences of Liberalism

Anyone with even a microgram of compassion has to deplore the slaughter of more than 50 million babies in the last 35+ years, but how many of you have given any thought to the economic consequences of that slaughter? I have thought of a couple:

1) One of the major reasons that we are forced to import manufactured goods is that we have been at or near full employment since the Reagan Boom began more than 20 years ago. We can’t produce enough goods to keep up with the demand. Without that slaughter, we would have about 20 million more people in the work force with more than a million more being added every year. With that many more workers, there would be no real reason that we couldn’t produce more than enough manufactured goods to keep up with the demand.

2) This one is closely related to #1). Social Security is on the verge of bankruptcy as, proportionally, fewer and fewer workers are supporting more and more Social Security recipients. If there were 20 million more people in the work force paying Social Security taxes and more than a million being added every year, there is no reason to think that Social Security wouldn’t be solvent for many, many more years. Of course, I favor the complete privatization of Social Security, but the above is still a valid point.


There can be no doubt that left-wingers like Communists, Nazis/Fascists, Islamo-fascists, and modern American liberals have been and continue to be the sources of evil in the world.