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The Real Julia

The President’s campaign has cooked up cartoon sycophant Julia, dependent on the largesse Barack Obama takes away from those with a job and “redistributes” to her during her entire life to get her through to old age, working in the community garden and her ultimate government appointment with the death panel at the end. After reading bits and pieces of this drivel, I couldn’t help but think about the Real Julia.

The Real Julia, Julia Eberly Martin, came to Texas as a pioneer girl with her family around 1832. She was probably around 10. The Real Julia’s mother, infant sister, and uncle died the first year they were in Texas, probably of cholera. A few years after she arrived, in 1836, the Texas Revolution broke out. Her father, Captain Jacob Eberly, left home to fight in the battle of Gonzales, where the Texans refused to turn over their cannon to the dictator Santa Anna’s army, instead defiantly making a flag with a cannon picture and star on it that declared “Come and Take It”.

How frightened Julia must have been, coming to this raw, dangerous new land fraught with predators of all kind, human and animal, literally making everything they had from nothing. Then war broke out, and her father had to worry about his motherless children as well as fighting for freedom for them. Nobody, you see, gave Julia a “head start”. There was no “free lunch” you didn’t shoot and cook yourself. School was a luxury, and medical care sporadic.

In that exceptionally cold March, the Alamo fell, and Goliad, and The Real Julia and her family had to flee for their lives, burning their possessions behind them, all they had worked for, and making their difficult, cold, frightened way across Texas with no government-provided mass transit, even. They built a raft and floated across to Galveston Island on it, hoping they would be safe, unsure if they would ever be able to go back to what was left of their home again.

Upon debarking from the raft, The Real Julia and her family received a terrible scare- in the distance, they saw a line of what appeared to be Karankawa Indians, a very primitive cannibal tribe who lived in that area, and in haste began to reload the raft to try to escape! How relieved they were when they discovered it was only sand cranes. This story, related by Julia’s sister many years later to her granddaughter, is one of the few hints we have of the panic the small band of pioneers were feeling during this troubled time.

Fortunately, The Texans were victorious in throwing off the yoke of an oppressor at the Battle of San Jacinto, and Doctor James Fisher Martin, a doctor from England via South Carolina, eventually became Julia’s husband when she was about 18. The Real Julia, without any help from Barack Obama, chose to have an actual husband, and bear five children, eventually establishing a large ranch in south Texas.

The Real Julia and the strong women like her didn’t need a central government riding shotgun for them their entire lives- they were, you see, the REAL liberated women! They were strong, able to build an entire life from an unforgiving wilderness, defend themselves and their children, feed, clothe, shelter, nurse, educate, and work as truly independent, free women, and shoot their own guns quite well. I think that the Real Julia was much like The Real Sarah Palin today! They are both examples of strength, faith, and each a pioneer in her own way.

They are who and what built our country and their hard work, faith in God and the values of individual effort and willingness to fight for freedom put cartoon Obama Julia to shame, quite literally. Pretend Julia is just that-pretend, and her story makes a mockery of everything the Real Julia lived, fought and strived for in her real life.

The Real Julia is a better story than the pretend Julia who cannot function without an overbearing government directing every aspect of her life. Today we are facing just as insidious a dictatorship looming in our future as the Real Julia- my great great grandmother. Julia, at least I still have a choice in November and I’m with you, not Obama Pretend Julia. Come and Take It!

The REAL War on Women

The REAL War on Women

I’m confused. The Progressive Statists are sending me mixed messages. They are missing out on correctly propagandizing me. Maybe it is because I am one of those non-elitist flyover hicks who worked her way through ordinary colleges like Sarah Palin did, and I am just too dumb to get the memos they are attempting to send out to us Great Unwashed via complicit media.

OK. First of all, when I was a young woman, raised in the traditionalist fifties, the deal was, many women decided to get married, work awhile and perhaps then stay home and raise children after they started having them. They didn’t just “stay home”, though. They provided countless hours of volunteer efforts helping other people. They ran the churches and did all kinds of charity work helping the less fortunate. And often, like my mom and my husband’s, they then also worked, too when the kids were a little older. My traditionalist mom was an accomplished banker. My traditionalist mother-in-law was the first woman in her small town to own her own business, and at age 93, still does.

They ran the schools and were active in the PTA. If the school needed a fence, the Good Ladies cooked beans and held fundraiser suppers until they had enough to buy the fence for the school so the little boys wouldn’t run in the street getting the ball when they had recess. Back then; we had “recess”, too. It was where we learned interpersonal skills like how to handle bullies without the government and movies having to explain to us how to do that.

Out mommies knew us better than anybody on Facebook. They made it their business to know, to guide, to encourage and support, and to discipline. If we misbehaved in school, mommy and the teacher supported each other for our own good to solve the problem. When I was six and played baseball for the first time during recess, I didn’t know how, and the kids laughed at me. I walked home for lunch and cried. Mommy got a paper napkin and showed me how “baseball” worked. Nobody was as important in a child’s life as Mom back then.

We were able to “make do with what we had” (one of my Mom’s favorite sayings) back then on one income because we didn’t have much, didn’t expect to “have” much, (except for lots of love, discipline, and the aforementioned emotional support). We thought this was somewhat normal. We didn’t think we needed air conditioning in hot Texas summers, we didn’t think anybody else should pay for our food, clothing, education, or medical care. Of course there were people who didn’t have the wherewithal for these things, but people helped family and friends and the churches and school helped provide, through that ever-present pot of beans that always seemed to be bubbling on the stove for the next supper for charity. Doctors, lawyers, and other purveyors of services accepted chickens when there was need, even- how do you think “The Chicken Ranch” got its name?

Then the sixties and the feminist mystique and no-fault divorce and Medicare and Medicaid and the government and insurance and the progressive statists assumed ever-larger roles in declaring war on poverty. Women were encouraged to get rid of their “inconvenient truths” via legalized abortion and the respect for being “just a housewife and mommy” was relegated to something less than that of the strident career woman.

All the SMART women were now expected to eschew such niceties as men holding a chair or opening a door and now supposed to be LIBERATED from all that old-fashioned respect they used to have. Men were actually considered undesirable altogether in some quarters like those Hilary Rosen seems to favor, who “adopted” herself, with her “partner”, who now appears to have left the building enabling Hilary to claim victim status as a “single mom”. Of course, what you don’t hear is that Hilary is actually a 1 percenter herself, having made millions currying favor with the elitist statists whose bidding she was doing with her accidentally on-purpose remark about Ann Romney that backfired.

The buzz word was, and is “CHOICE”, which often is a convenient euphemism for selfish indulgence of every sexual whim, whenever, wherever, with whomever, casual, and if the consequence of a baby results, why, then the opposite of prolife is, ummm, well, let’s don’t call it death. CHOICE is a much nicer word. And we can always cover it up with claiming it is for women’s “health”. For the “liberated” woman, a baby is viewed as anything but, fetus, collection of cells, heck, to our current President, even a “punishment” for a “mistake”.

So now we have an election with the starkest conflict of two cultures in years. We have the ultimate progressive/socialist/Marxist statist against a guy with a traditional wife who spent her life raising five little boys into fine men. Why, she “never worked a day in her life”, according to the War on Women messaging flak. But the REAL war on women is statism itself.

We, the traditional woman, don’t want the government paying for our birth control. We truly do have the morals and values to control our own bodies and make and pay for our own “choices” if we aren’t forced to pay for the irresponsible who either feed the abortion mills they want us to subsidize with their profligate “choices”, or have multiple children on the government dole so they DON’T have to work.

Strangely enough, government and the welfare state demanded more and more of the taxes of the productive. More and more self-indulged young people bought into a consumer culture of materialistic excess they thought they were entitled to NOW, paid for by government, such as expensive colleges with climbing walls. Women, instead of being liberated to make “choices”, HAD to work to pay for it all.

As government fed the unlimited appetite for entitlements and expectations politicians cranked up via shills like Hilary Rosen to buy votes and power, it COST MORE MONEY. And the women are the ones who are forced to pay. And pay. And pay. The very single mom with kids to support whose husband has moved on to the next self-indulgent sweet thang, that single mom who is working to hold it all together, is the victim not of the Republicans, but of the Democrats who created her trap in the first place. The Democrats’ War On Women is real, all right, but like Pogo, “We have seen the enemy, and it is us.”

Women like Sarah Palin are demonized for having many kids and choosing to dare to aspire above her elitist-imposed station in life by achieving high political office, while women like Ann Romney who choose, and can, to raise children and NOT work outside the home are demonized by the very same people for their choice. Their would-be masters of choice are waging the war, and it is REALLY on all women not willing to accept the gulag of statist slavery. Oops. Hilary Rosen, your hypocrisy slip is showing.

Running on Fumes

I know how stupid I am. And that is what REALLY worries me about my country, because the people running it are stupider than me. All my life I assumed that people who got elected or appointed to high places must know more than me, at least, and I could be assured that at least in some ways, they might therefore be trusted to make better decisions for my country. I have been disavowed of that notion now, long ago.

Here we have supposedly highly educated people running the show, eduated at some of our nation’s most elite universities. Yet, they seem to be devoid of not only basic knowledge of history and economics, subjects you would think would be basic to even rudimentary understanding of how our country works and how it relates to the rest of the world, but grossly lacking in simple common sense.

It’s like the planet Socialism landed a space ship from outer space and dumped off its refuse of losers who already screwed up their world onto ours. We have a President who claims to be the smartest guy in human history for whom we have never seen a grade score from college, nor any records whatsoever from same. The press seems not to care, but perpetuates the myth of his consumate smartness while demanding anal inspections of the most minute details of every Republican candidate’s past. Rick Perry’s Texas A&M grades hit the intrnet five minutes after he announced, yet crickets chirp before you will see the President’s proof of brilliance school records. How come?

Leaving that aside, let’s look at some of his “appointments”. We have Timothy Geithner, who heads up the agency that collects taxes from us, yet cheats on his own, and claims to not be able to use Turbotax as an “excuse”. Hello????

We have a supposedly brilliant Secretary of Energy who wants us to pay ten dollar gas to promote his bogus global warming green energy agenda to enrich his and Obama’s rich donors while hurting severely every Texas businessman who has to drive long distances to work, every midwest farmer, everybody in the country who depends on gas-powered tansportation to haul things, work and eat.

But, it gets worse. Because now we have Republicans running who are discussing contraception and not gas prices, egged on by the hostile news media who are in the tank for the Democrats one and all.

We’re running on fumes, people!! The country is broke while Michelle takes yet one more pricey vacay on the taxpayer dime. Gas is scheduled to hit 5 bucks a gallon. The Democrat Senate has blocked every spending cut attempt to get the situation under control, and the Republicans have been too wishy washy, caving to this “bipartisan” nonsense the Dems periodically run by them as regularly as Lucy snatches out the football from Charlie Brown.

I’m frustrated. I want to be led by somebody smarter than me who will return my country to fiscal responsibility, stop the giveaway goodies to the losers of the world, and drill baby drill and bring down that pipeline from Canada to get us energy independent and get the gas prices down. We should be able to tell the Middle East to take their oil and feed it to their camels if we used the least bit of common sense in developing our own resources.

The cherry on the cake came in my mail last week as “good news” from my medicare advantage insurance provider. They announced “new services” Medicare is now paying for with money earned by you and me, the productive of the country, and virtually every one is to shore up somebody who, frankly, has made “loser” choices with their own health. You will be happy to know that if you choose to abuse alcohol, are depressed, are engaging in irresponsible sexual conduct so you might get a sexually transmitted disease, are obese or making nonheart-healthy eating choices, medicare will counsel and intervene you and whatever for “free”- To you, the person making bad choices, not for the rest of us who are paying for it for you.

Now maybe that sounds a little harsh here, on my part, but hey. We’re BROKE. And this stuff is why. Here’s your free behavioral therapy from me: quit drinking. Quit whoring. Quit overeating. Get off your ass and get some excercise. And quit charging me for your bad choices.

And those of you running for office: learn some history, learn some economics, learn some common sense, and get the gas prices down. Quit living high on my hog while I eat the pig’s feet. I’m ready for somebody with a brain cell not polluted with the cocaine of power ( not to mention the real kind) to run my country. ..somebody SMARTER than me.

It’s the Tea Party, Stupid

It’s the Tea Party, Stupid

The talking bobble heads are punditing themselves crazy, trying to figure out the phenomenon of Herman Cain. There are many similarities between how they covered the Tea Party with how they are covering him, and it is not surprising they still either don’t “get it”, or, more likely, in their fear of their own irrelevance, they don’t want to. For years, they have operated under a comfortable illusion that they, the elites, influence opinion driven by their own agenda, money, and the “politics as usual” they hypocritically pretend not to support, but really are integral parts of themselves.

They forgot about one thing- We, the People, the sleeping giant, finally awakened as the abuses mounted of our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor and decided to take back our country. The Tea Party is truly a grassroots phenomenon, and coalesced spontaneously like a fire lit by a lightening bolt from the hand of God, and is burning and spreading and glowing like embers quietly throughout the body politic even when it appears to be quenched into quietude. They do not realize it is indeed most dangerous to their agenda when quiet, used as they are to astroturfed ginned up political movements meant to challenge it like OWS.

They first tried to ignore the Tea Party, underestimating its numbers at demonstrations if they covered them at all, snidely dismissing it as inconsequential if not a bit goofy. When it grew and grew into a phenomenon so large it could not be ignored, and Tea Party activists began to actively challenge the status quo at raucous town halls of establishment politicians, the demonizing knives came out by both the media and the establishment. The Tea Party was characterized as “extreme”, potentially violent and dangerous, terrorists, even, ignorant, drooling gun-toting redneck uneducated anomalies surely not supported by “mainstream” people. And, worst of all, EVERYONE knew, the Tea Party was the ultimate slur, RAAAAACCCIST!

When the requisite violent racist excesses failed to materialize, the media made them up, then repeated them ad infinitum over and over despite no proof existing whatsoever of the spitting incident, name-calling, etc. they were accusing the Tea Party of doing. And they also claimed organization was behind the Tea Party, a conspiracy of Koch Brothers money and manipulation. They could not believe the competence, order and organizational skills of the ordinary Tea Party individual volunteers could possibly produce such large, organized, clean and well-planned widespread events without an Invisible Hand orchestrating behind the scenes.

Obviously, the Talking Heads had never participated in a PTA organized Halloween Carnival, Church Supper, or local charity event these people had honed their organizational skills on quietly for years as unpaid, local volunteers, or running small businesses doing everything from waiting on customers to cleaning the john while carpooling three children to various activities. They could simply not know, from their life experience, how much We the People are used to doing on a daily basis, and that we don’t need the Koch Brothers to be masters of organization.

So, now we have Herman Cain, the one guy in the race who DOESN”T care about race but about winning The Race to take back America, and has shared our experiences and challenges from the grassroots up. He has tapped into the real power that is the Tea Party, and this is the real power in the upcoming election.

There was a strong hint of the surprising power of the Tea Party in the last election, and while the talking heads are telling themselves the Romney lie and trying to convince us all Cain is just a flash in the pizza pan, Cain may be laughing all the way to the bank. The Tea Party is the real wind beneath the wings of this election, and so far Cain is being lifted on the wings of those ordinary moms and pops who coach little league teams, work at real private sector jobs, and bake the cookies for the Girl Scout meetings. They have not realized yet there are more of us than they anticipate, we are stronger than they know, and while we don’t beat drums in Zuccoti Park, our hearts beat more strongly for America and it is we who are, in the final analysis, raising Cain!

This is What ( Not A Republic) Democracy Looks Like….

The Occupy protests are being equated by the always-biased liberal media as analogous to the Tea Party protests. This argument is being used to obfuscate their extreme negative features with the old tried and true “he did it too” routine. Every parent and schoolteacher in the world is familiar with this juvenile tactic and to pull it out now is just embarrassing. But what else is new with the hypocritical elites in both media and government?

Any logical comparison of the two movements will force any fair person to conclude they are vastly different. Of course, when has the media or any Democrat in government been burdened with ACTUAL concern for “fairness”?? First of all, the fact that both are fairly large movements with demands for change is about all the two phenomena actually share. And the media immediately betrays its lack of “fairness” because it denigrated the Tea Party movement from the get-go while supporting sympathetically the Occupy movement. Why might that have been? Let’s just compare and contrast the two groups and see if we might get a clue, as if we don’t already have one:

First, the Tea Party movement arose totally spontaneously as a vast outpouring of frustration among middle class working people, older traditionalists and many younger people who were disturbed as they saw the traditional values with which they were raised eroding for their children and also worried about their financial future. Most of the people who joined in with the Tea Party movement in some fashion had never been involved with politics other than voting or supporting a few local candidates and certainly not with “protesting”.

I am a typical example- I’m 68, a small business owner with my husband, raised 3 kids, traditional values kind of people but not any kind of religious “extreme” in any way, and conservative on fiscal issues. As I watched my country erode in all these areas with alarm, the first Tea Party event was going to happen on my small town square. I got a wooden stake out of the garage, a couple of pieces of poster board and a roll of duct tape and made me a sign. One side said “Cut Government Spending”. The other had a picture of the Come and Take It cannon from Texas history and said “ My Ancestor Was There and I’m Here”, which is true. I wanted my sign to symbolize that my ancestors also stood up against tyranny and helped give us the rights we were now exercising on this town square.

I’d never been to a protest in my life. I drove to the town square- my husband was working and couldn’t go- parked the car and walked over to join hundreds of people already there. A couple of young guys with Audit the Fed signs were standing around and I asked them “what am I supposed to do, smoke dope or something?” and they all laughed. So did the nearby cops. I attended a number of Tea Party events after that. Nobody was “racist”. Nobody was “violent”. The cops were, if anything, sympathetic to the cause., but always very professional, and you could tell it was an easy gig for them.

There were all kinds of people there- several young women with kids told me at every event I attended “ I never cared about politics before, but had to get involved for my kids’ sakes.” Many people brought kids. One young couple I saw, at least, were white parents with a black kid. There were all races at every one I attended. Some of the most effective speakers at each were black.

The media excoriated us- as did the liberal politicians- we were called “racists”, “terrorists”, etc.etc.etc. I forget all the pejoratives, oh, and the really funny part was the “Astroturf” label. Funny, I am still waiting for that check from the “Koch Brothers’, who I never heard of until this stuff started. It was a VERY DIFFERENT reaction from Nancy Pelosi’s lauding of the present protests, which have been replete with violence and arrests, to her tearful, quavering indictment of the Tea Party protests as they dared to wave their American flags aggressively with small children sitting on their shoulders, prayed, and meticulously cleaned up the trash before leaving their protest site half a million strong with no arrests.

The current protests are orchestrated and coordinated by numerous Soros-backed liberal groups and protesters unable to articulate why they are there, and in some cases, paid to be there. EVERY Tea Partier can articulate their simple demands of less government spending, smaller government and, novel idea, adhering to the country’s founding document, the US Constitution. Compare and contrast. The Tea Party wants the proven successful system of capitalism to be allowed to work, while the Occupy people want to throw it out and institute the proven failed policies of socialism/Marxism, if they can articulate any policy at all.

The current protests are violent, law breaking, replete with arrests, destructive of property, and even symbolized by the grossly crude picture of a protestor defecating on a police car. The Tea Party protests had NO violence except from leftists, no arrests although much larger and more widespread crowds, and rather than trashing the venues, carefully picked up their own trash. Occupy protesters are costing the cities money everywhere they go in excess security and cleaning services, while the Tea Party left their place cleaner than they found it and caused the local law enforcement authorities no danger to themselves or others. Yet, the media criticized the Tea Party while praising the violent, trash-creating, communist endorsing, Astroturfed, anti-Semitic, Occupy forces.

Go figger.

The media and government elites tried to ignore the Tea Party, and when they could no longer do so, they lied about us, called us names, accused us of things we never intended, never did, and never would do. By contrast they gave reams of undeserved positive publicity to the Occupy people, lied about THEM positively and covered up their astroturfed origins, and are ignoring the things they intend, are doing, and plan to do. The Tea Party wants to lift up the individual by reducing spending, taxing and government, and promotes individual opportunity and freedom.

The Occupy people cannot even speak as individuals, parroting in unison the “leaders” with their weird chants, they want to demonize successful individuals, spend “other people’s money” forcefully confiscated by government, tear down the very system that made our country the greatest in the world, and limit opportunity and freedom. They laud “democracy” and mob rule while ignoring the fact that our Constitution established a Republic for the very reason that “democratic” mob rule ends up repressing the individual, not freeing him or her. No thanks. Give me tea and freedom, not Soros’ bitter koolaid. And will somebody PLEASE teach these children some history before it is too late?

Community Organizing, Texas Style

Some “community organizing” seems to consist of paid organizers coming into a community, “never wasting a crisis” by trying to create pressure groups to gouge resources out of businesses, pushing for union demands, and demanding government create more and bigger and more generous largesse to redistribute wealth from the private sector to an ever-increasing entitlement class.

Class warfare slogans abound, angry rhetoric, and anyone who stands in the way of the demands of such “community organizers” is branded a terrorist, a racist, a barbarian at the gates, an evilrichcorporate interest or controlled by one, and various profanities- among other epithets. “Organizing” for these Saul Alinsky disciples consists of mobs of screaming, lockstep pressure groups bused in unison to invade private businesses, homes, and government public buildings yelling pre-programmed slogans, waving pre-produced signs in matching tee shirts, and demanding more, more, and more public money to “fix” private problems. There’s always a woman with a clipboard and a guy with a bullhorn. They are exhorted to “get in the face” of anyone with the temerity to disagree.

Then there is “community organizing”, Texas style. Right now there is a crisis in Texas in many of our communities. A terrible drought has created a tinderbox and terrible wildfires have killed people, destroyed the homes of thousands of families, and created desperate circumstances for many people in need, thrown into homelessness overnight with all their possessions gone.

Texans don’t wait for a group, a government, or a “community organizer” trained in the Alinsky method to tell them how to love their neighbor. They grew up learning this through their churches, their family, and their friends and neighbors who all grew up that way, too. So it is natural for Texans to ORGANIZE THEMSELVES into immediate, effective, generous thousands donating freely to help those devastated by the fires.

I was privileged to see a little of this effort in action yesterday. Down the road from me is a nice little BBQ restaurant a couple of young kids have started. They took over a former feed store and fixed it up, and are still fixing it up, and through hard work, good food and fair prices have become an admired part of the community. But despite being full-time small business owners and busy parents of young children, now they have also taken on the role of community organizers to help the fire victims.

They have set up a collection point in the back room of the restaurant where they are going to create a little additional bar and put up homemade signs to donate there for the fire folks in need and the firemen, gathered friends and neighbors to accept and sort stuff, and are in the process of loving their neighbor as themselves along with many other volunteers. I saw the signs and brought in some stuff, and stopped and helped a bit.

What I saw was community organizing the way we do it here. They had already collected so much stuff the nearby fire victims were covered, and they were organizing vans and trucks to drive supplies farther away. The local Kroger had donated pallets of water for the firefighters. People were donating not only good used clothing but buying packages of new underwear for people who all of sudden literally didn’t have a clean pair of drawers to their name.

Inside the local Kroger, the bin designated for food for the fire victims overflowed with donations. Back at the BBQ place, every few minutes, a car would drive up and someone would tote in another bag of “stuff people need”- baby food, diapers, a little package of hair bows for a little girl who might no longer even have one, food, clothing, shoes, basic medicine, on and on. The volunteers would go through it and organize and label boxes of supplies.

As I stood there and watched when things slowed down, a man came in. He shyly reached in his pocket, pulled out a hundred dollar bill, and handed it to one of the volunteers. She asked him if he wanted a receipt, he modestly ducked his head and murmured in the negative, and went on his way. I was struck by what a quiet, kind demeanor he had, not wanting to make a fuss, just give… not the kind of guy who would make a good Saul Alinskyite, for sure. But I’ll bet he is probably a very good businessman- and obviously a good person.

All over Texas, these scenes are taking place as we go about quietly helping our own, doing what we have always done in an emergency, and what many of us consider not anything special, just our “Christian duty”. And of course, at the forefront of these efforts are those evil Christian fundamentalist churches demonized as a danger to society on every mainstream media news outlet who lionize and so respect those other kind of “community organizers.”

One of my spare rooms has become a temporary repository for the excess clothing to be stored until it is needed again to distribute in a couple of weeks or a month as the need continues. And every time I look at that abundance so freely given to others who are hurting and in need, it reminds me how good, how loving, how positive, and how independent the proud, individual “community organizers” of Texas are. Oh- and there were tee shirts- but they were privately printed and being sold to help the victims. God bless Zach and Holly and the energetic team of friends who are there helping- and may Zach’s BBQ prosper for many years. And God bless Texas.

An Open Letter to Mr Biden…

Dear Mr. Vice-President:

I am a 68-year old grandmother and small business owner who identifies strongly with the values of the tea party. I am in favor of smaller government, lower taxes and the federal government getting its debt under control and spending no more than it takes in.

I have spent my life working hard for the money you and the rest of the government spend. May I remind you- YOU work for me, and the money you spend was once mine, that I earned, sometimes standing on my feet many hours a day in some pain. To ask you and your fellow Democrats to respect me, your employer, and spend my money wisely is *not* “terrorism”.

I am not a terrorist. I am, however, a holy terror, and you have PISSED ME OFF. I am fed up with being disrespected and called sexually exlicit names like “teabagger”, a term I was unfamiliar with as a decent lady until you and your supporters began to use it in regular public written and spoken discourse.

I am fed up with being called a “racist” for demanding fiscal responsibility on the part of you and your fellow Democrats who decide how much of my money you will confiscate for your own use. I am fed up with the people who supposedly work for me working against me and my best interests as a small business owner.

I am fed up with the government interfering in my business, by faith, my grandkids’ education, my pocketbook, my health, and my very life. I am fed up with regulations infringing upon my life, liberty and pursuit of happiness you and your fellow Democrats constantly impose.

I am insulted and incensed, but I am NOT a terrorist. I am a patriotic sixth generation Texas patriot and I am fed up with the REAL terror you and your fellow Democrats have imposed on my life. I am in terror your profligate spending will ruin my life and that of my kids and grandkids, ruin my business, ruin my chance to someday retire before i die and ruin my country. I am in terror your weak foreign policy will put us in worse danger of attack by the real terrorists you refuse to name while accusing little grandmothers like me of being one.

I am in terror the proven biased news media and your propaganda arms bought and paid for by George Soros, your socialist supporter, will con enough people into electing you and your ilk again to further ruin my country.

I know a real terrorist when I see one, Mr. Vice-President, and I am not it- I’m just a holy terror, independent American and I call you out for what you have proven yourself to be- a fool, and tool of the real terror hurting my country. I just hope enough of my fellow tea party “terrors” will be able to save my country when we get a chance in the next election to prove how we as Americans respond to demagogues, and resoundingly tell you and your fellow Democrats and any Republicans aiding and abetting this terror- “you’re fired!!”