In Defense of Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin, once again, is the victim of a vicious smear campaign, this time from the supposed “right.”  Self-described deep thinkers from the Republican Party, from George Will to Charles Krauthammer and other ankle-biters who think themselves relevant, are letting it be known to the media that they are so embarrassed to have an ignoramous like Palin associated with their party.  Politico seems to be the current center of the “I hate Sarah” club, as discussed recently on Rush Limbaugh. It would be so convenient if she just went away, in all her ignorance.  Why, she’s dragging us down as the “party of ideas.”  I got news for you George and Charles, et al., if the past of the GOP is based on your lofty ideals, you can keep the Republican Party.   

Sarah Palin is the one and only reason I held my nose and voted for the McCain ticket and I suspect if that was true for me it was true for about a million others. She’s the only thing that resurrected his failed, impotent campaign and at the end actually gave him a chance, which he still blew because he wouldn’t take his gloves off against candidate Obama.

Sarah Palin, not John McCain, packed 70,000 people into a campaign event in Florida. That was unprecedented for a VP candidate. Sarah Palin has universal name recognition thanks to the drive-by media who continue to vilify her despite her being Sarah Everywoman, a point the old men at the old media still don’t get.

Sarah Palin’s endorsements delivered numerous high political offices to real conservatives across the nation. They owe her and she has proven her coattails time and time again, except to those who, blinded by irrational hatred, refuse to see it.

Now, all that being said, unless conservatives completely unite behind ONE candidate (and we don’t even know if Palin is running) then Mitt “the inventor of Obamacare” Romney will be the nominee, like it or not and you will vote for him, like it or not, because the utter destruction of the US that will be a second Obama administration is too horrible to think.

People. Maybe your guy early on is Pawlenty, or Jindal, or King. Whatever we think of these conservatives like Palin, there will always, always be one, maybe two, things you don’t like about each one of them. We have to get past that one or two things and look at the 8 or 9 that are in lock step with what we too believe, and stop set our own on fire. The risks are too great otherwise. We need to stop labeling and calling candidates names, like the idiotic “RINO.” [As an aside, we should all like being called “RINOs” because we are conservatives, using and retaking the Republicans as a mere vehicle for our ascention to power. Who wants to be a Republican in fact if the model of that Republican is an Alan Simpson or a Lindsey Graham?] President Reagan noted that someone who agreed with him 8 out of 10 times was his friend, not his opponent. We need to embrace this philosophy as we enter the 2012 campaign. Let’s stop point out the moats in our neighbors eyes.

If not, the greatness that was America will be lost forever.

  • Dan Hennessy

    Great piece Randall. I, too, voted for McCain ONLY because he selected SP as his VP…had he not done so, for the first time in my adult life, I would not have cast a vote for President.

    This time around, my line in the sand will not be crossed. The GOP will give me a died-in-the-wool conservative candidate or I WON’T cast a vote for PotUS. If the leaders of the GOP cannot see what kind of success the T.E.A. Party candidates enjoyed last November, they are too blind to be allowed to lead the Party.