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Jindal Campaigners Attack Confirmed to be Politically Motivated!

The New Orleans Police have actually stepped up to the plate and done their jobs.  In so doing they have confirmed the attack which resulted in serious physical injuries to Allee Bautsch and her boyfriend Joe Brown were politically motivated.  From it is clear the popo are looking for several scruffy white males motivated by the same sort of mindset that has defined so much leftist “tolerance” for opposing views and people over the decades.

The big question is, where is the Lame Stream Media?  If this were a couple lefties beat down by someone else the media would be all over it and automatically labeling the attackers as “conservatives”, whether they were or not and regardless of what the police and the evidence might say.  But here?  Not a peep.  Silence from the lefty controlled propaganda units.  And, oddly enough, not a lot of noise from Jindal’s office, either.  Is he scared to stir the pot too much?  Worried the media will admit notice and then try to blame the victims and him?  That might not be such a foolish position to hold in this day and age…

So much for “CrashTheTeaParty”

It’s now “Cash The Tea Party”.  Levin couldn’t stand the heat and pulled the forum down.  Now his front page is a huckster site to make him money off the backs of people stupid enough to vote for Obastard.

Ya never know, he might be able to bilk them for a few bucks.  Depends on how much is left from their welfare checks.

Leftist Violence…Again

Allee Bautsch, Republican official and chief campaign fundraiser for Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal suffered a broken leg and other injuries while her boyfriend received a broken nose and jaw in a leftist spawned attack this past Friday.  Shortly after leaving a party fundraiser the pair were attacked by several scruffy looking males who targeted them for the Palin pins they were wearing.

Apparently the thugs had been lurking outside the fundraiser looking for someone, perhaps Bautsch, perhaps any random conservative target, to attack based on political motivations.  There was a small protest by “anarchists” (organized anarchists, how quaint!) during the fundraiser but this had mostly disbanded by the end, except for the attackers.  Apparently these people seem to think that the past 4 years of incompetence and corruption and collapse are all the fault of anyone but the Democrats in total control during that period.  I never thought “anarchist” was a synonym for “stupid” but increasingly these sorts make it appear true.

Bautsch received a compound fracture and underwent surgery.  The recovery time for her and her boyfriend, Joe Brown, is expected to take several months.  Jindal’s office issued a statement carefully avoiding linking SEIU and other lefty extremist thugs with the crime, while the N’awlins po-po are “investigating” and are, considering the local politics, unlikely to find much.  Below is a video by Jeff Blanco of the “quality” of what was protesting…well, who knows what they were protesting(they surely don’t…

More Violent Lefties

In related news a new website called “Crash The Tea Party” (no, I’m not giving these cretins a link) has popped up to provide cover for SEIU thugs and other Obastard Brown Shirts in disrupting the free speech of US Citizens who don’t blindly follow in lock step with the Obama/union/socialist agenda.  These creatures are determined to make things uglier than The One and his Dem majority already have.  I suspect they are biting off more than they can chew.