The REAL War on Women

The REAL War on Women

I’m confused. The Progressive Statists are sending me mixed messages. They are missing out on correctly propagandizing me. Maybe it is because I am one of those non-elitist flyover hicks who worked her way through ordinary colleges like Sarah Palin did, and I am just too dumb to get the memos they are attempting to send out to us Great Unwashed via complicit media.

OK. First of all, when I was a young woman, raised in the traditionalist fifties, the deal was, many women decided to get married, work awhile and perhaps then stay home and raise children after they started having them. They didn’t just “stay home”, though. They provided countless hours of volunteer efforts helping other people. They ran the churches and did all kinds of charity work helping the less fortunate. And often, like my mom and my husband’s, they then also worked, too when the kids were a little older. My traditionalist mom was an accomplished banker. My traditionalist mother-in-law was the first woman in her small town to own her own business, and at age 93, still does.

They ran the schools and were active in the PTA. If the school needed a fence, the Good Ladies cooked beans and held fundraiser suppers until they had enough to buy the fence for the school so the little boys wouldn’t run in the street getting the ball when they had recess. Back then; we had “recess”, too. It was where we learned interpersonal skills like how to handle bullies without the government and movies having to explain to us how to do that.

Out mommies knew us better than anybody on Facebook. They made it their business to know, to guide, to encourage and support, and to discipline. If we misbehaved in school, mommy and the teacher supported each other for our own good to solve the problem. When I was six and played baseball for the first time during recess, I didn’t know how, and the kids laughed at me. I walked home for lunch and cried. Mommy got a paper napkin and showed me how “baseball” worked. Nobody was as important in a child’s life as Mom back then.

We were able to “make do with what we had” (one of my Mom’s favorite sayings) back then on one income because we didn’t have much, didn’t expect to “have” much, (except for lots of love, discipline, and the aforementioned emotional support). We thought this was somewhat normal. We didn’t think we needed air conditioning in hot Texas summers, we didn’t think anybody else should pay for our food, clothing, education, or medical care. Of course there were people who didn’t have the wherewithal for these things, but people helped family and friends and the churches and school helped provide, through that ever-present pot of beans that always seemed to be bubbling on the stove for the next supper for charity. Doctors, lawyers, and other purveyors of services accepted chickens when there was need, even- how do you think “The Chicken Ranch” got its name?

Then the sixties and the feminist mystique and no-fault divorce and Medicare and Medicaid and the government and insurance and the progressive statists assumed ever-larger roles in declaring war on poverty. Women were encouraged to get rid of their “inconvenient truths” via legalized abortion and the respect for being “just a housewife and mommy” was relegated to something less than that of the strident career woman.

All the SMART women were now expected to eschew such niceties as men holding a chair or opening a door and now supposed to be LIBERATED from all that old-fashioned respect they used to have. Men were actually considered undesirable altogether in some quarters like those Hilary Rosen seems to favor, who “adopted” herself, with her “partner”, who now appears to have left the building enabling Hilary to claim victim status as a “single mom”. Of course, what you don’t hear is that Hilary is actually a 1 percenter herself, having made millions currying favor with the elitist statists whose bidding she was doing with her accidentally on-purpose remark about Ann Romney that backfired.

The buzz word was, and is “CHOICE”, which often is a convenient euphemism for selfish indulgence of every sexual whim, whenever, wherever, with whomever, casual, and if the consequence of a baby results, why, then the opposite of prolife is, ummm, well, let’s don’t call it death. CHOICE is a much nicer word. And we can always cover it up with claiming it is for women’s “health”. For the “liberated” woman, a baby is viewed as anything but, fetus, collection of cells, heck, to our current President, even a “punishment” for a “mistake”.

So now we have an election with the starkest conflict of two cultures in years. We have the ultimate progressive/socialist/Marxist statist against a guy with a traditional wife who spent her life raising five little boys into fine men. Why, she “never worked a day in her life”, according to the War on Women messaging flak. But the REAL war on women is statism itself.

We, the traditional woman, don’t want the government paying for our birth control. We truly do have the morals and values to control our own bodies and make and pay for our own “choices” if we aren’t forced to pay for the irresponsible who either feed the abortion mills they want us to subsidize with their profligate “choices”, or have multiple children on the government dole so they DON’T have to work.

Strangely enough, government and the welfare state demanded more and more of the taxes of the productive. More and more self-indulged young people bought into a consumer culture of materialistic excess they thought they were entitled to NOW, paid for by government, such as expensive colleges with climbing walls. Women, instead of being liberated to make “choices”, HAD to work to pay for it all.

As government fed the unlimited appetite for entitlements and expectations politicians cranked up via shills like Hilary Rosen to buy votes and power, it COST MORE MONEY. And the women are the ones who are forced to pay. And pay. And pay. The very single mom with kids to support whose husband has moved on to the next self-indulgent sweet thang, that single mom who is working to hold it all together, is the victim not of the Republicans, but of the Democrats who created her trap in the first place. The Democrats’ War On Women is real, all right, but like Pogo, “We have seen the enemy, and it is us.”

Women like Sarah Palin are demonized for having many kids and choosing to dare to aspire above her elitist-imposed station in life by achieving high political office, while women like Ann Romney who choose, and can, to raise children and NOT work outside the home are demonized by the very same people for their choice. Their would-be masters of choice are waging the war, and it is REALLY on all women not willing to accept the gulag of statist slavery. Oops. Hilary Rosen, your hypocrisy slip is showing.